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Francesca Ternullo

Startup Account Manager - AWS

After too many comments like "it's always useful to know a lawyer", I realized the School of Law was not the better fit for me. I have loved what I studied, but I realized I was meant for a more dynamic (and more informal) environment.

This brought the "first-generation college Italian student" to attended a semester abroad next to Silicon Valley to prove to her Math teacher in high school that she could approach data science. Guess what? I loved it. I then move to India, Mexico, and back to Italy to intern in top technology companies. When pandemic is not around, I normally take 20+ flights/trains per year to attend events I somehow managed to get invited.

I realized that I perform at my best when my mind is challenged: I graduated one year in advance and top of my class while also attending an honor program while also having had 5+ professional experiences while also having a lot of fun along the way. Currently, I am working as a Startup Account Manager in Milan.

Besides, sometimes I do things to show myself I am capable to do them like walking 900km or jumping off 60mt platforms and I am quite a driver for all types of vehicles - happy to expand on this and on the rest too! DM me.

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